Project Management Achievement Awards 2011

Wenden Partners – Entrants in Project Management Achievement Awards

Wenden partners are again an entrant in the Australian Institute of Project Management – Achievement Awards 2011.

Wenden enters the 2011 Project Management Achievement Awards

One of over 95 Asbestos Encapsulations with pipe temperatures exceeding 450 degrees Celsius

These prestigious awards recognise outstanding achievements in Project Management. We are pleased to advise that our submission was accepted for our work with Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL) on the recently completed ‘Asbestos Management Project’ at their Gibson Island Nitrogen Plant Queensland.

The Project scope called for the removal of all friable asbestos within the plants while the plant remained fully operational.  This demanding project called for a new approach to be derived for all aspects of the project including operations, safety, environmental management, scheduling and emergency responses.

After 85,000 man hours and 12 months of intensive project planning and delivery, the project was indeed completed without any interruption to production. This fact combined with over 900 environmental readings, and hundreds of laboratory reports, all under
the Australian Standards for Asbestos, resulted in the project being
delivered ‘On Time’, ‘Under Budget’ and with ‘Zero Harm’ to all personnel
and the environment.