Your Project Partners 

Our Project Services


At Wenden we can deliver your project on a ‘turn-key’ basis!

After we define the project brief with you, we Scope the project and manage every aspect of your projects on your behalf.

Our experienced project professionals take the risk out of project, ensuring every of the project’s nominated KPI’s including safety, schedule, budget and performance criteria are met.


We can provide you with project personnel to assist you to deliver your project. This allows you the knowledge and support of Wenden Partners with the secondment of our key project professionals into your team. Your project can then utilise the services of our Project Managers, Project Engineers or Supervisors to support your project.

When you have our project personnel you also have access to all the Wenden project management systems. Our people come with the support and guidance of our senior engineers who monitor and audit the project throughout its lifecycle to ensure your project exceeds expectations.


Sometimes your project needs some overall advice, guidance and governance. At Wenden, we can provide you with one of our senior project director’s who can guide your project through the different stages of the project. They can offer you governance and overall project management advice to ensure your interests are met and your risks are mitigated to deliver the project you expected.


Companies like yours spend $$$ every year on capital works, yet we find many organisations lack professional project management systems to ensure their projects meet the required governance and management standards expected in today’s market.

To assist you, Wenden can deploy a tailored Project Management System (PMO) into your organisation and train your personnel on professional project methodologies. With so much riding on your project outcomes why risk it with unprofessional project methods! Our proven Project Management Systems will ensure your capital expenditure delivers your projects professionally.